Add a green glow to your G&T with Pixie Tears Gin Liqueur!

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur very nearly broke the internet, with it's swirling, glittery liquid and magical back story of being made from the tears of mystical unicorns...we thought we'd seen it all right?



Makers of this novelty gin liqueur: Firebox, have added a new addition to their 'tears' line with 'Pixie Tears' gin liqueur! To make this shimmering green liqueur, Firebox have been busy collecting the emerald tears of pixies and it is said, if you swirl the liquid in your glass it releases the mischievous powers of these little nymphs!

With notes of elderflower and cucumber, the Pixie Tears Liqueur will compliment a strong juniper-led gin and the colour creates quite an eye-catching cocktail.

It may not be the drink of choice for all the craft gin connoisseur out there, and you probably won’t find it in your next Gin of the Month box, but it would be a fun addition to the drinks cabinet!