A mixer from The Med

Botanically brewed and exquisitely crafted, Fentimans Valencian Orange Tonic Water bursts with the flavour of Spain’s juiciest export. And, coming as it does from the masters of flavour, it’s the perfect mixer to create an exotic twist on the classic G&T. 

A crisp, classic tonic will always have a place in our hearts. But, come summertime, it can be time for a change – so, why not go on a Mediterranean taste adventure with the flavour experts at Fentimans?    

fentimans tonic valencian.png

“All of the new drinks at Fentimans are developed in-house by my team of flavour specialists,” says Geraldine Coombes, Head of Flavours, “and we’ve really enjoyed working on this one.”      The tonic in your August Gin of the Month box was inspired by the sweetest of oranges found in Valencia and is a summery combination of kaffir lime leaves and herbal juniper infusions, alongside lemongrass extract. Rounded with just the slightest hint of quinine, it’s a blend that makes for a refreshing and aromatic tonic.

And, like all Fentimans tonics and mixers, it’s been botanically brewed over seven days using the same methods Thomas Fentiman pioneered in 1905. “Valencian Orange Tonic Water has been made using the knowledge and expertise passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family,” Geraldine says. Fentimans has stuck to their signature production method for more than a century in business, continuing to use it today to produce the amazing mixer flavours that gin fans love across the country. Geraldine comments, “The new flavours give our customers an easy and more cost-effective way to get more creative with their classic G&Ts, without buying a range of craft gins.” 


From the rose oil from the Valley of the Roses in their Rose Lemonade to the ruby red grapefruit used in their Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, the range of drinks from Fentimans are bursting full of amazing authentic flavours – and, according to Geraldine, they’re more than a great way for gin lovers with a distaste for bitter quinine to enjoy their favourite spirits. “Flavoured mixers can also enhance certain botanicals that can often be masked inside a spirit.”