A juniper latte is dividing a nation...

We love a gin quote here at Craft Gin Club! One of our favourites: "I drink coffee until it's acceptable to drink gin!" Well, that may no longer be the case with the Starbucks Juniper Latte!

Adding to their already large armoury of Christmas beverages, the juniper latte is described as “a light, pine-like flavour with delightful citrus undertones. Capped with velvety foam and a dusting of pine-citrus sugar.” Currently this new flavour is only available in U.S. and Canada and there are mixed feelings on this bold new concoction!

Some loved it:

Some…not so much:

We are unsure if this new recipe will make it over to the UK, but if it does we think we'll give it a miss and keep our coffee and gin separate...

What do you think gin fans? Is this a step too far?