5 unusual emotions Craft Gin Club members are experiencing this month (in their own words)!

Passionate (about gin), creative (with gin) and endlessly curious (about gin), our Craft Gin Club members are always telling us how our Gin of the Month boxes make them feel! In among the general expressions of delight, though, are a few more, well, curious emotions - but they are ones we’ve come to recognise as familiar to all Craft Gin Clubbers at one point or another.

Here’s how our October 2019 Gin of the Month box, starring the fabulous Gin 1689, is making our members feel… it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, frankly.

  1. Balloon-like

“Royal Mail are teasing me with their ‘it’s nearly here’ email… it’s like blowing a balloon 🎈waiting for the pop!! Very excited 😜”
— Craft Gin Club member, Rachel

Yes, “balloon-about-to-pop” levels of impatience reach feverish new heights at the start of every month, as Craft Gin Club members around the country start maniacally checking their Royal Mail delivery tracking links every five minutes to see how much closer their surprise Gin of the Month box is to their doorstep since they last checked!

2. Childlike

In fact, loads of Craft Gin Clubbers tell us it’s the one and only day of the month when they get to experience the same excited anticipation that you feel as a child at Christmas!

The element of surprise that comes from unwrapping every box to see what treats await you inside is just as much of the fun!

Photo care of Craft Gin Clubbers Cheryl & husband

Photo care of Craft Gin Clubbers Cheryl & husband

I can’t wait for my delivery,it’s like waiting for Christmas! .... Hurry up please!”

“I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.... Craft Gin Club day feels like xmas come early! 🎉🎉🎉 Cannot wait to try this box’s gin! And already excited for December’s box!
— Craft Gin Clubbers, Amanda and Samantha

3. Shocked

There’s the surprise of discovering what ginny goodies are in each Gin of the Month box, of course, but then comes another layer of surprise - the one where you realise just how varied and versatile the world of gin, tonic and mixers really is!

Not forgetting, of course, the amazement many Clubbers feel at discovering their own cocktail-making talents!

I’m in this club and omg what wonderful gins I’m trying. Also, I thought you could only have boring tonics but this has opened up my eyes😀”

“These are the best tonics I have ever tasted. Thank you Craft Gin Club for bringing these into my life.”

”Saturday night cocktails IN over extortionate £££ cocktails out 🙌 here we have the William of Orange 🍸@craftginclub
— Craft Gin Clubbers, Jenny, Sadie & RRP Runner
Our Cocktail of the Month for October 2019

Our Cocktail of the Month for October 2019


Had to upgrade for this month’s box after I had a massive FOMO attack! 🤣🤣🤣
— Craft Gin Clubber, Claire

The Fear of Missing Out can strike Craft Gin Club members who are on a subscription that means they usually only receive a box every two or three months. Once they see what other members are receiving in the post in a month that they are not due to receive a box, this overwhelming emotion can become hard to ignore…

Luckily, you can upgrade or pause your account at any time so you will never miss out on a Gin of the Month box that you are desperate to try!

Even postmen are getting struck down with FOMO!

My postman said I was the sixth person he’d delivered the same box to this morning 😁

I told him what it was and he got excited so I pulled my phone out quickly to show him - and he said he’ll be ordering a box tonight!
— Craft Gin Clubber, Clare
Craft Gin Clubber Chloe, and postie

Craft Gin Clubber Chloe, and postie

5. Obsession

Already totally obsessed since I received my first box this month!!! Loving the gin of the month! Can’t wait for next month’s now 😍😍😍😍😍
Best subscription ever!
— Craft Gin Clubber, Cassie
I have never looked forward to a parcel the way I do this one. Excellent quality, excellent value and an education in reading the quality magazine. This is pure indulgence, maybe I’m worth it, maybe I love Craft Gin Club!
— Craft Gin Clubber, Nigel
Image courtesy of Craft Gin Clubber, Tracey

Image courtesy of Craft Gin Clubber, Tracey

What can I say? Where have I been? I joined 4 months past and I can honestly say I wouldn’t go back.

Every month the excitement of getting your box and not knowing what gin it’s going to be in it, tonics and other mixers, plus the treats. There is something for everyone, even the magazine alone is fantastic with lots of information and new cocktail ideas. If you want to join their other CGCM (craft gin club members), their Facebook community is so helpful with everyone sharing ideas, gin collections and just other enthusiastic people. 10/10.

I love being a #CGCMember!”
— Craft Gin Club member, Klayre

Perhaps the emotions felt by Craft Gin Clubbers are best summed up by this member, who says, simply:

Craft Gin Club is the only club I want to be part of.
— Craft Gin Clubber, Dee

We’ll drink to that, Dee! Cheers, everyone!


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