5 gintastic reasons to join the Craft Gin Club

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You’ll taste the most exclusive craft gins

Whether it’s a special batch produced by our distillery partners exclusively for our members or a brand new import to the UK, our members taste gins nearly impossible to find elsewhere and certainly not in the supermarket! 

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Learn all about each gin with GINNED! Magazine

With every surprise gin box comes GINNED! Magazine which includes all the info you need on each gin you receive, bespoke cocktail recipes from the distillers, tasting notes, and lots of exclusive feature articles with fun facts you can share with your friends and family as you drink your Gin of the Month.

Get gin complements in every box

When you’re a Craft Gin Club Member, you get more than just gin. We include tonics and mixers to help you make the bespoke cocktails that our distiller partners make with their gins and give you a taste of other top-quality artisanal products.

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Free delivery

P&P is included with every parcel. You will receive a tracking code every month that allows you to watch your gin as it gets closer to your glass!

Build your gin collection with the UK’s #1 gin community

With 50,000 craft gin lovers sharing their pictures and cocktail recipes on our social media channels, you will find ginspiration you didn’t think possible.  

Get £10 off your first bottle with the code 5GINREASONS