21 funny gin quotes that will speak to your drinks-loving soul

Here at Craft Gin Club, we love ginny sayings as much as the next person - and these few are some of our all-time favourites! Some may say they are a bit cheesy, but we think they're actually GIN-tastic...

Me: Alexa, remind me to go to the gym.

Alexa: I have added gin to your shopping list.

When you go to the shops for bread and come back with:

A surfboard, a waffle maker, a bottle of gin and some garden furniture...

…and no bread.

I am never drinking again!

”Oh look, gin!

I wish I loved exercise as much as I love gin and cheese.

A true friend reaches for your hand...

… and puts a glass of gin it.

If anyone asks, I'm drinking all this gin to collect bottles for a project I saw on Pinterest…

Night school tutor: Write a horror story in 6 words.

Me: I-have-run-out-of-gin.

If you walk a mile in my shoes you’ll end up in a gin bar.


  1. Bra off

  2. Hair up

  3. Gin poured.

I just want to drink gin, save animals and take naps.

I love water, especially when it’s frozen and surrounded by gin.

Getting older is when you prefer day drinking to going out at night.

If I were a Care Bear, I'd have a bottle of gin on my belly.

Life is basically all the stuff you do between that first cup of coffee and that first glass of G&T!

I wish I had ‘friends with benefits.’

Except the friends would own a distillery and the benefits would be free gin.

I tried to say no to gin.. but it’s 40% stronger than me!

I’m not sending Christmas cards this year. Instead, I’ve decided to spend the money on gin.

Merry Christmas.

Life is too short for single gins

Today is the kind of day I wish gin came out of the shower.

I’m worried if I give gin up, I’ll replace it with murder.

Stop saying I’m “hard to buy for”.

You know where the gin aisle is.