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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

2020 is set to be the best year to be a Craft Gin Clubber, and here's why!

2020 is set to be the best year to be a Craft Gin Clubber, and here's why!

Feb 14, 2020

Being a Craft Gin Clubber means a lot of things to a lot of people… Of course, you get to discover a brand new craft gin every month in our jam-packed Gin of the Month boxes, including lots of more-ish snacks and delish cocktail recipes, plus you get to read all about the gin and more in our monthly Ginned! Magazine.

BUT did you know there’s more to Craft Gin Club than just getting amazing gin deliveries every month?!

From joining our active social media community to entering members-only competitions, here are a few more ways we’re ensuring our members’ club experience is the best that it can be in 2020! And keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll soon be revealing even more club member benefits…


Here at Craft Gin Club, we’re passionate about bringing our members the rarest and most exclusive craft gins out there and the future of our gins is no different! Moving forward, we can’t wait to bring members even MORE exclusively distilled special edition gins - and some from countries we’ve never sent gin from before - that you’ll only be able to get your hands on if you’re a Craft Gin Club member!

exclusive gin_400x400.png


Last year we introduced a shiny new area for our members to login and hang out in! From managing their Craft Gin Club accounts, accessing their Craft Gin Club Rewards and finding out the headlines from our Ginned! blog, we wanted to make our members’ lives easier and we’re going to be bringing a whole host of new features and developments to this space for members this year.


By becoming a member of Craft Gin Club you unlock exclusive discounts and offers from some of our partners and friends of the club! We’ve gone ahead and wrapped these up into a nice little package to discover and take advantage of over in the Members’ Area! These offers will only ever be from partners that we think our members will be interested in and will change from month to month. The best bit? These offers are only available to Craft Gin Club members - ooohhh, the lucky things! 

Member Offers.PNG


What could be more thrilling than the chance to win gin and MORE!? As part of their Craft Gin Club membership, our members are already automatically eligible to receive a Golden Ticket in their Gin of the Month box, to enter their creative cocktail snaps in our Ginstagram photo competition, as well as gaining access to a bunch of other competitions and prizes!

This year we’re bringing our members new and improved competitions - with more ways to win and bigger and better prizes! Think mega cool experiences, exciting ginny bundles, and money-can’t-buy opportunities. Don’t forget though, you’ve got to be gin it, to win it!



What do points mean?! REWARDS! We love our members and are always looking for ways to give back to them. We can’t put a price on their loyalty, but we can give them rewards for it!

We’re going to be introducing LOTS of exciting new ways to earn loyalty points and new ways to spend those lovely points on money-can’t-buy rewards this year. From money off in our online shop, to member experiences and more - there will be plenty of ways for our members to be rewarded for their continued loyalty with us! Watch this space and find out more about our Craft Gin Club Rewards scheme here in the meantime.


New gins! New mixers! New syrups! New garnishes! Ginny merchandise and, hey, maybe even glassware! It’s all coming to our exclusive online shop in 2020 - and by being a member, you get first dibs on these items, special offers AND the gins you receive in your Gin of the Month boxes to purchase in the store.

Gin collection


Love craft gin? Love making new gin pals to talk about all things craft gin with? Join our exclusive Facebook Group community for Craft Gin Clubbers to come together, chat and share their love for our favourite juniper-led spirit.

 Craft Gin Clubbers
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We know how exciting it is to meet like-minded gin lovers, like yourself - so this is the year we hope to make it happen with the introduction of exclusive member events - “ooohhh, ahhhh!”, we hear you exclaim!

For starters, we’ll be at The Gin to My Tonic Show in Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Liverpool so come along and meet us and fellow gin clubbers for a gin-tastic time. Not to mention, we’re hard at work organising more Craft Gin Club specific events, giving club members the chance to meet face-to-face and learn more about their favourite spirit!


We can’t wait to start rolling out these new perks and experiences - so if you’re already a member or thinking of becoming one, 2020 is looking pretty GIN-tastic for Craft Gin Clubbers! Cheers to that!