Stop whatever you're doing - GIN FILLED DOUGHNUTS

Who doesn't like a doughnut? The squishy dough and the ooze of the sweet centre are enough to make us do a "Homer Simpson style" drool. 

image:  Rolling Donut

Many would argue that you cannot better the classic and humble jam doughnut, why fix something if it's not broken, right? Well...imagine the squidgy dough, the irresistible ooze and now add in a helping of (you guessed it) gin! 

That's right gin lovers! The absolute geniuses over at Dublin-based The Rolling Donut, are the masterminds behind this 'too good to be true' phenomena. In honour of their 40th birthday, they have created, not one, but two limited edition gin-infused doughnuts - the first being a gin, lime and elderflower flavour - filled with gin and lime mascarpone and topped with a fresh gin lime and elderflower glaze. And the other is a strawberry flavour - gin infused strawberry mascarpone with a pink sourdough base with a strawberry and gin infused icing...swoon.

image:  Rolling Donut

If any of our gin-loving Irish members (or anyone planning a trip to Dublin in August) fancy sampling these delicacies they we urge you to be quick, as they are only available throughout August! At only €2.50, surely this warrants the £100 flight to Dublin?