Real Crisp, the Perfect G&T Snack

A snack and a drink go together like… well, cheese and onion! Crack open the brilliant REAL Strong Cheese & Onion Handcooked Crisps in your July Gin of the Month Box and find out why the combination of British potatoes and iconic flavour make the perfect accompaniment to a G&T.It’s hard to deny the siren call of a properly made hand cooked crisp after a G&T or two.

As Clare Scallon of REAL Crisps says, “What could be better than a savoury, salty snack and a fabulous ice-cold glass of G&T? It’s a tried and tested combination. As they say, ‘olden but golden’.”

And, when your crisps are as delicious as the Strong Cheese & Onion REAL Hand-cooked Crisps in your July Gin of the Month box, saying no becomes an impossible task! These hand cooked crisps are made using the finest British potatoes, painstakingly sourced from local farms. Supporting British & Irish farmers is key for Real Crisps – which, as a family-owned company, is serious about their heritage.

Real Crisp Cheese and Onion.jpg

Clare says, “We love using fantastic local varieties with gorgeous names such as Lady Rosetta, Lady Jo and – my personal favourite – Sassy. That’s got to be the sassiest name for a potato, perfect for our Handcooked crisps with bags of character!”

Indeed, while their potatoes are peerless, it’s the amazing hit of flavour that makes these crisps really stand out. The flavours are so unique, Clare says, that they simply had to give them all their own personalities. Prepare to meet Strong Cheese & Onion Ollie. Captain of the rugby team and Bear Grylls-style master of survival in the wilderness, he’s just as strong as the classic flavour combination he’s come to represent.   

“Cheese and onion is an all-time classic favourite crisp flavour,” Clare says, “which we’ve simply made even punchier. Go on, be brave and dive in!”

But Ollie isn’t alone in the wonderful world of REAL Crisps. He’s joined by nine other personalities as strong as the flavours they represent – including Baz, the newest member of the tribe. Lord of the Barbie, his Oak Smoked BBQ flavour is a sultry combination of smoked paprika, cayenne, ginger and aniseed with a sweet, warming kick.

Real Crisp Character.jpg

Clare says, “His view on life is “may you forever grill – and comment on the grilling of others – with pride”, and we think that goes for making the perfect G&T, too!”

And, with eight other amazing flavours, REAL Handcooked Crisps has a bag to cover every base – whatever weather the British summer has in store.