Cool off with these delicious gin ice lolly recipes!

With this never-ending summer gracing our rainy shores, it's nevertheless been a struggle to stay cool. Any of your favourite cocktail combos can be adjusted to make these boozy pops - think French 75! Watermelon and gin! - or you can use the perfect serve garnish of your current gin and tonic love. 

Tips: Don't go too heavy handed on the gin! Alcohol doesn't freeze, so your usual 3 shot serving won't work here, unfortunately. Similarly, it's best to freeze these for 24 hours to give the alcohol time to set properly. If you're struggling to get them out the moulds, just run some warm water around the outside of the moulds to loosen them up. The recipes can be scaled up or down depending on the size and number of your moulds, and how much fruit you want to fill them with.


Raspberry and Mint Ice Lollies.png


1. Mix together the hot water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved
2. Put aside half the raspberries and mint leaves and muddle the rest into the sugar mix, leaving to steep for 15 minutes
3. Once the mixture has cooled, strain into a mixing cup and stir in the gin and lime juice, and divide evenly between your ice lolly moulds
4. Add the remaining mint leaves and raspberries to the moulds, and top up with club soda.
5. Freeze overnight and enjoy!


Yields around 6-8 Ice Lollies

  • 60ml Hot water

  • 50g Sugar

  • 2 Tbsp Mint – packed

  • 100g fresh Raspberries

  • Club Soda

  • 1/2 Lime

  • 60ml Gin





1. Muddle together simple syrup, gin, 1 Tbps basil and 1/4 of the strawberries, and leave to steep for 15 minutes.
3. Strain into a mixing cup and divide evenly between your ice lolly moulds
4. Skewer a straberry and basil leaf on each ice pop stick and add the remaining to the moulds. 
5. Top up with tonic, freeze overnight and enjoy!


Yields around 6-8 Ice Lollies

  • 60ml Simple Syrup

  • 2 Tbsp Fresh Basil

  • 100g Strawberries, sliced

  • Your favourite premium tonic

  • 60ml gin





1. Mix together the simple syrup, gin, campari, vermouth and orange juice
2. Add a slice of orange to your icepop mould
3. Fill to the top with negroni mix
4. Freeze overnight, and enjoy!

Scale up recipe - for 1 icelolly;

25ml Simple Syrup
5ml Gin
5ml Campari
5ml Vermouth
30ml Blood orange juice
Thin orange slice