Say hello to June's gin of the month: Vidda Tørr!

While gin and tonic will always be a quintessentially British tipple, it's clear that the gin-aissance is now worldwide! The beautiful Vidda Tørr gin in the month's box comes straight from the mountains of Norway and is rich with amazing flavours of the Norwegian wilderness.

Vidda Tørr


Distilled in Oslo, Norway

43% ABV


Juniper, Heather, Yarrow, Chamomile Flower, Bilberry, Angelica Root, Meadowsweet, Sorrel, Calamus Root, Elderflower, Pine  Shoot.

Tasting Notes

Intense juniper greets the nose, with the aromas of a pine forest. On the palate, an earthy sweetness is enhanced by peppery and herbal flavours. A clean, herbaceous finish lingers with a slight floral sweetness.  

Perfect Serve

Pack a glass with ice and add 50ml of Vidda Tørr Gin. Top up with the premium tonic of your choice and garnish with wheels of lime.  

perfect serve vidda torr gin and tonic