World cup fever: the ultimate gin sipping game!

We are in the middle of one of the most exciting World Cup since Geoff Hurst scored the decider and led us to victory. This year, England had us on our feet, abliterating Pananma with a 6-1 defeat! So now we wait, with baited breath, to see what the match against Belgium holds this Thursday...

A total of 64 games will be played throughout June and July, showcasing the sport’s biggest stars, like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And what better way to enjoy this four-yearly, nail-biting event than with a gin in hand?

Grab your footie obsessed gin pals and enjoy (responsibly) a World Cup Gin Sipping Soirée! 

Pick your juniper berries (aka team rules) 

Pick a country/team. Every time your team takes a shot on target, wins a corner, or receives a yellow card, take one sip of your G&T.

If your team wins: down the hatch!

Take one sip every time...

  • An announcer mentions that the United States didn’t qualify.
  • An announcer mentions the new “Video Assisted Referee” (VAR) system.
  • Someone is offside.
  • Someone takes a dive (2 sips if that player is on your team).

Take two sips every time...

  • A goal is scored.
  • A penalty is conceded.
  • A decision is overturned using VAR.

See it off...

  • If someone scores an own goal.
  • If someone on your team misses a penalty.
  • If someone gets a red card.
  • If Cristiano Ronaldo takes his shirt off.

Penalty Shootout

In the instance of a penalty shootout, players are only required to drink when their team is up. One sip for a goal, two if they miss.

If a player’s goalkeeper manages to save an opposition penalty kick, they’re exempt from the drinking during their team’s next penalty kick.

World Cup Final

If your team wins overall, you are required to buy the next round of G&T's for your fellow sippers - after all, good sportsmanship is vital! 

We can't gurantee you will remember much of the games by the end of it all, but the World Cup Gin Sipping Souriee will bring you and your gin pals together for some boozy, frinendly-competition!