An adventure in gin!

With a new craft gin distillery popping up each month, we are seeing a huge increase in gin fans! And with such an amazing versatility of gin styles, there is a perfect gin serve out there for everyone!

Whether you enjoy the classic G&T or like to spice it up a little with an addition of black pepper, or cinnamon, the journey to finding your favourite gin lies here...buckle up gin fans!

The Classic Gin and Tonic

Everyone remembers that first G&T that made them fall in love with our favourite juniper led spirit. Whether it's the fizz of the tonic, the botanicals in the particular craft gin or the zing of the lemon or lime garnish - we just can't get enough of the humble gin and tonic!

Gin and Tonic with Pink Grapefruit

Not only does the addition of pink grapefruit in your G&T emphasise the sweetness of the citrus flavours in your gin, it also makes your drink instantly Instagram-able! We would pair a light and citrus led gin with pink grapefruit, to really bring out that zesty sweetness.

Gin and Tonic with Black Pepper

For a touch of spice, why not add a twist of black pepper to your gin and tonic? Paired with the sweetness of the pink grapefruit, this combination really brings out complex of your gin. Aromatic black pepper will also add a great nose to your cocktail.

Gin and Tonic with Lavender

Enjoy a highly perfumed G&T with the addition of lavender, instantly boosting the floral notes of your gin and creating a beautiful nose to your drink.

Gin and Tonic with Rhubarb

Rhubarb can be bought all year round and is another amazing flavour that can be combined with your favourite spirit. Make a simple syrup using a few sticks of this ruby red plant, sugar and water, and not only will you have a beautiful flavoured G&T but it will turn the liquid a gorgeous pink colour - perfect for the summer months. 

Gin and Tonic with Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are becoming more and more popular as a gin garnish adding not only flavour but also colour and decoration! Violets are really pretty and will add a hint of the old childhood classic Parma Violets to your G&T.

Gin and Tonic with Apple


Apple is a slightly less common gin garnish, however it goes great with a herbaceous gin and really brings out the grassy notes in a crisp dry gin. How'd you like them apples?! 

Gin and Tonic with Raspberries

Fresh raspberries can be muddled in the bottom of your glass to give you an intense fruity, sweet hit. Alternatively, adding freeze-dried raspberries to your G&T means they will re-hydrate as you drink, letting off a subtle sweetness. 

Gin cocktails 

The versatility of gin with its diverse use of botanicals means the gin cocktail lists is huge! Classic gin cocktails, like the Bees Knees, straight from the 1920's, is a gin lovers dream! Or for something a little more thirst quenching, try a Collins, packed with ice in a tall glass. A guaranteed winner is the Breakfast Martini, combining gin and jam to give you a perfectly balanced cocktail!