The 5 golden rules to identifying a cracking gin!

Smoothness, balance and flavour – there are characteristics that every great gin has in spades, but ultimately the only way to spot an amazing gin is to follow your heart. Here at Craft Gin Club, our team tries 200 gins for every 12 that we send.

Here’s what our crack tasting team looks for in a truly special gin.

Ryan, Memberships Executive


“I look for a nice balance of botanicals – something that works well with juniper, but where the unique flavours still come through.”

Jon Hulme, Co-Founder

Jon Hulme founder of Craft Gin Club

“For me, a gin should be a gin. The juniper should be obviously there, but it should also be its own drink. I prefer citrus top notes, balanced by spice and warmth. My favourite gins go up your nose and down your throat!”

Alex, Logistics Manager

Alex balding Craft Gin Club Logistics Manager

“The label and bottle are really important to me. I love gins that tell a story, and look great on my gin shelf at home!”

Lucinda Beeman Craft Gin Club Ginned Magazine editor

Lucinda, Editor, Ginned! Magazine

“In this job I’m lucky enough to speak to lots of amazing distillers, and it’s always their passion that sets their gin apart from all of the others. Every gin on my shelf has great memories of the people who made it, so I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite!”

Michelle, Commercial Marketing Manager

Michelle, Comercial manager at Craft gin Club

“I want to recognize uncommon and exciting flavours. I come from Peru, so as far as I’m concerned, the more exotic the botanicals in a gin, the better!"