Cool off this summer with these G&T ice lollies!

After the resounding success of Aldi's boozy lollies last summer, Sainbury's have whipped up their own juniper infused iced delights to keep you ginning all summer long!

With the summer off to a record breaking start, and another heatwave on the way, we can't think of a better way to cool off than with a popsicle made from our favourite drink - taking an "ice cold g&t" to a new level.

At only £2.50 a pack for 4, these delicious treats are the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine when the thermometer starts climbing - and wallet friendly too, meaning you can stock up the freezer to share with friends. Made with gin, tonic, lemon and lime, and with a 4.5% ABV, these are an adult only upgrade from your childhood Calippo's!

If you're a bubbly fan, the raspberry bellini flavour is sure to also hit the mark. It's made with Prosecco and raspberry puree, and packs a punch with the same 4.5% ABV - basically the same as a pint!

ad-pic-ice-pops-raspberry-bellini (1).jpg

Aldi's sell out Cosmopolitan, G&T and Buck’s Fizz flavours will also be returning to supermarket shelves this summer, so you're in no shortage of boozy treats to enjoy in the hot weather. If you want to get creative you can even try your hand at making your own with our delicious gin ice lolly recipe - try your favourite gin and it's perfect serve garnish.

£2.50 for four, Available in Sainsbury's nationwide (except Scotland) from May 14