5 of the most popular flavoured gins

From fiery hot chilli to vanilla sweet marshmallow, flavoured gin is the tasty trend that is taking the gin world by storm.

You can't beat a classic G&T in our eyes and some flavoured gins are a little sugary, however if we were to choose our top 5 this would be them! Which one would you like to try? 

violet gin

The nostalgic aroma of palma violets, may stir up some childhood memory thanks to this scented gin from the Northumberland Gin Co. Named after the still it is made in - Florence has more of a subtle flavour to it than the other flavoured gins featured here. The perfect serve calls for ice, tonic and blueberries...think a springtime licnic in the forest, surrouned by wild violet...bliss! 

"A tempting aroma of spiced apple lures you in. The drink first delivers flavours of sweet, cooked apple backed up by warming cinnamon which complements the spiciness of the Old Tom Gin. Further sweetness then comes through from the seasoned caramel which lingers to leave lasting flavours of caramelised apple."

Yeah, we could definitely get behind this pudding-flavoured wonder! Sounds like it would go particularly well in our favourite Gin Caramel Popcorn recipe... (Check out how to make your own here.)

Small batch English gin infused with handmade vanilla bean marshmallows, produced using copper pot stills.This sweet and fluffy gin has all the flavour of marshmallow: classic vanilla with added seeds for intense flavour.

Serve over ice or straight from the freezer, camp fire - not nessasary. 

This adult twist on an Easter favourite from Gin Tales, infuses citrus, sultanas and Easter spices, to bring you the perfect Easter tipple. What's more, this taste of Easter is also made with real fruit so none of that artificial tasting nonsense here! 

Unicorn Tears Pink Gin Liqueur

Ok, this one is really 'just for fun. This bright pink concotion is said to have been made with the tears of lovesick unicorns and definitely possesses aphrodisiacal properties. We're not sure if we'll ever have the Unicorn Tears liqueur as our 'Gin of the Month' but it's a pretty colour and would make a great jokey present for the unicorn-obsessed gin pal in your life!