The UK’s Best Gin Joints

Long gone are the days you had to be in London for a capital-city-calibre cocktail. From Belfast to Bristol, the UK is brimming with beautiful gin joints. Here are just a few to seek out, whichever city you’re in this spring. 

Edinburgh: Bramble

Bramble bar in Edinborough

This cosy New Town joint is the cocktail connoisseur’s first stop in Edinburgh. With cosy alcoves, atmospheric candlelight and top talent behind the bar, Bramble is a gin lover’s paradise. 

Glasgow: Panther Milk

Panther milk bar in Glasgow

For something a little different, head to the back of TABAC just off Glasgow’s Mitchell Street. Behind a sliding wall is Panther Milk, a literal hole in the wall serving bottles of gin blended with milk and spices, and served with a dusting of cinnamon. A delicious drink, and an unforgettable experience. 

Liverpool: Ex-Directory

ex directory bar in liverpool

Proper speakeasies aren’t limited to London – and neither are gin joints with a sense of humour. Dial in to this cocktail bar via a Liverpudlian phone box. Upon entry, you’ll find a whimsical menu stocked with gin bubble baths and tasty tipples. 

Belfast: Rita’s

Ritas Bar in Belfast

With a lavish interior and a fine list of perfect serves, Rita’s is the perfect haunt for the glamorous gin lover. Style meets substance on this cocktail list, and the charming house rules will make you smile.

Manchester: Wash House

Wash House bar Manchester

What looks like a humble launderette in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is anything but. Sip spectacular cocktails while passers-by are none the wiser at this clever, tongue-in-cheek, reservations-only gin joint. 

Bristol: Hyde & Co

Hyde and co bar in bristol

Bristol’s first proper speakeasy is still the best place in the city for a hand-crafted cocktail. Sit in beautiful surroundings whilst perusing an impeccably designed menu – and sipping one of the spectacular cocktails on it. 

Exeter: Doctor Ink’s Curiosities


People doubted Patrick Fogarty when he insisted there was an appetite for showstopping cocktails in Exeter, but he’s proven them wrong with Doctor Ink’s Curiosities. Patrick and his team spend their nights surprising and delighting with cocktails that are more than drinks – they’re stories.