How to…gin on the go

When the sun is shining and bees are buzzing, it’s hard to keep your tipple tasting indoors! Here are our top 3 tips for taking your G&T with you, wherever you may find yourself exploring in the city this spring.

#1. Miniatures are your best friend

Manchester gin raspberry infused gin

Miniature gin bottles aren’t just for inflight G&Ts– they’re also great for ginning on the go! If you know you’ll be meeting some friends in the park for a cheeky drink in the spring sunshine, throw a couple of these into your bag and simply pick up a tonic on the way. No need to tote a heavy glass bottle with you!

#2. Premix your drinks

Amazon stainless steel flasks

If you’re someone who likes to get crafty with their cocktails, then premixing your drinks will be essential for enjoying your favourite drink al fresco. Assemble your drink (sans ice) ahead of time, pour it into a stainless steel bottle and pop it into a fridge an hour or two before heading out. These vehicles – usually less than £20 online at Amazon or similar – will keep your drink ice cold until you’re ready to enjoy!

#3. Fill up a flask

The original method of keeping your favourite drink to hand, you can’t go wrong with a handy-dandy flask. Perfect for when you need a swig to cure some pre-first date jitters or need to sneak your gin in somewhere.

What NOT To Do:

By the canal, at an outdoor gig… no matter where you choose to sip your gin this spring always be sure to drink responsibly! Always clean up after yourself, drink in moderation and respect those enjoying the beautiful spring weather around you – and you’ll be all set for a fabulous time!