These beautiful botanicals will make your G&T instantly Instagramable!

Ice and a slice not quite cutting it this spring? Ginfusion is the family-run company bringing cocktail-bar-calibre garnishes to your homemade G&Ts. 

For father-daughter team Paul and Rosie Niblock, gin was a common interest and a treasured tipple. But the foundation of their family business? That seemed like a stretch.
“Getting into the gin business wasn’t really something we had imagined until we came up with the idea for Ginfusion,” says Rosie. 

Father and daughter both had thriving careers in marketing. But on one of Rosie’s visits home, as they sipped G&Ts in the garden – a cherished ritual – a casual conversation became an aha moment. One way too good to pass up.

Ginfusion botanical sachets, recipe card and flowers

As Paul explains, “We were sitting outside, enjoying the latest gin, when it dawned on us that, although we had a cupboard full of gins and were always trying new tonics, when it came to adding garnishes at home we were sticking to lemon and lime slices.” 

“It was okay,” Rosie adds, “but didn’t match the experience of tasting gin in a cocktail bar or at an event. We started thinking about how we could enhance our drinks, and the idea for Ginfusion was formed.” 

Soon to become a staple of every gin lover’s larder, the ingenious little sachets in your April Gin of the Month box will change how you enjoy a G&T forever. A single sachet – full of spectacular dried botanicals and flowers that will enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite gin, and even transform your drink’s colour – is all you need to garnish your drink to perfection. Simply tip the contents of the sachet into your gin and enjoy.

Ginfusion botanicals and Manchester gin

As Paul says, “The idea was to give people a ready-to-use selection of different botanical blends, as an alternative to just ice and a slice. Keeping a selection of fresh fruits, herbs and other garnishes on hand isn’t practical for most people, so by using whole dried fruits, herbs and spices, we provide delicious flavours and aromas with a long shelf life.” 
“We wanted each drink to be visually appealing,” Rosie says, “as well as tasting and smelling fantastic.” 

With four flavours – you have one of each in your Ginfusion box – Rosie and Paul have ensured that you’ll have something to suit every bottle in your collection. The pair put Ginfusion through its paces, identifying which flavour is a natural fit for every style of gin. But really, Paul and Rosie say, it’s all about experimentation and finding your personal favourite. 
“Our objective was to ensure that, whatever gin you choose, Ginfusion has a botanical blend that will complement it,” says Paul. “Not everything works, though – we had some interesting experiences along the way.”

ginfusion botanicals and recipe cards

“Dried chilli seemed like a novel idea, but trust us: after five minutes, that’s not a drink for the faint hearted!” Rosie laughs. “Having said that, we certainly have some novel ideas that we’ll be revisiting, and some of them will be added to our range this year.” 

Check out the Ginfusion website to stock up on your favourite flavours and keep an eye on what Paul and Rosie launch next. This father daughter team is sure to be delighting gin lovers for years to come.

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