March's Gin of the Month box has arrived! What's inside?

Come rain or shine (or snow!), our posties have worked hard to bring March's gin to our members. And despite all odds - it's arrived! If you can't wait to see what's inside this month's box, keep scrolling to see... but be careful: it will spoil the surprise!

Elg Gin No. 1

Elg Gin Number 1

Three botanicals, one incredible gin.

Franklin & Sons Naturally Light Tonic

Franklin & Sons Naturally Light Tonic

A premium mixer, perfect for mixology.

Newton’s appl fizzics

Newtons appl fizzics

 A scientific soft drink.

Bonne Maman Marmalade

Bonne Maman marmalades

 Which flavour did you find?

Divine Chocolate Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut

Divine Chocolate Deliciously Dark Smooth Hazelnut bar

 A new flavour for International Women’s Day.

Pipers Crisps Jalapeño and Dill

Pipers Crisps Jalapeno Dill

 A fantastically unusual flavour.

WORTH £50!