Jalapeno and dill crisps will make your G&T sing!

Constantly creating some of the most uniquely flavoured crisps on the market, the tastemakers at Pipers Crisps are potato crisp pioneers. Go behind the scenes at their sensory lab to see how the amazingly innovative Jalapeno and Dill crisps in your March Gin of the Month box were made. 

 With pride of place behind many a pub counter, Pipers Crisps are fast becoming the UK’s favourite snack  – and their incredible flavours, in many cases, are the perfect accompaniment for a cold drink. 

Pipers Jalapeno crisps

From Rosemary and Thyme to the brand-new Jalapeno and Dill in your March Gin of the Month box, it’s down to a specialised sensory team to develop ginspired flavours for pairing with your favourite G&T. 

As Katy Hamblin of Pipers Crisps explains, “All of our new flavours are about taste. They have to taste great, and be something people haven’t experienced yet.” 

It’s down to the Pipers Crisps sensory team to taste every new idea, ensuring that every new flavour fits the Piper’s Crisps criteria: they add something new to the range, excite existing Pipers Crisps fans and make crisp lovers across the UK sit up and take notice. 
“Of course, we do look at trends,” says Katy, “but we always look to apply the Pipers bold flavour. We won’t innovate for the sake of it – we only add flavours if they add something to our range. It’s important to innovate, but it’s equally important to get it right.” 

Crate of Pipers crisps, assorted flavours

The Pipers Crisps sensory team certainly got it right where the Jalapeno and Dill crisps in your March Gin of the Month are concerned. As always, provenance is front and centre with Pipers Crisps – the sweet, spicy jalapeno that flavours these crisps are grown in in Delicias, a town in northern Mexco, by passionate farmer Rogelio Bermudez. 

As Katy says, “There’s a trend towards heat and more exciting, fusion flavours, so an interesting hot flavour as a must for us. We chose to pair jalapeno with dill because knew that dill offered a flavour partner not yet explored in crisps, but is often used in conjunction with chilli peppers in other recipes.” 
Dill is a quintessentially Scandinavian flavour – and call out to this month’s Danish gin – but may seem like an odd bedfellow for spicy jalapenos. But by combining these unlikely flavours, the crisp connoisseurs at Pipers Crisps have created a snack that truly sings. 

Basket of green and red chillis

Katy explains, “When you put the two together, it creates a citrus note – the ideal accompaniment to an ice-cold G&T or beer!”

To stock up on more of these delicious crisps, head to the Pipers Crisps website or keep your eyes peeled at the pub – these artisan crisps are available at independent retailers across the country. And you never know when an amazing new flavour will pop up.

“Our brand continues to be bold and push the boundaries of flavour,” says Katy. “Who knows what’s next!”