Cocktail: Marmajito

Mix up a jug of this and dream of sunny afternoons to come! We love this ginny cocktail with its delicate floral notes courtesy of a splash of elderflower cordial, a zing from fresh lemon juice and, of course, swap your toast for a Highball tumbler and add a generous spoonful of trusty marmalade!

marmajito 1200x628.jpg


50ml Salcombe Gin
2 barspoons marmalade
10ml lemon juice
10 mint leaves
Elderflower tonic

Place the gin, marmalade, lemon juice and clapped mint into a cocktail shaker, fill to the top with ice and shake for 10 seconds, or until you feel enough dilution has taken place. Fill a Highball tumbler with ice, add a thin, whole sliced wheel of grapefruit against the inside of the glass or add a dehydrated slice of orange. Strain the mixture into the glass. Finish to the top with elderflower tonic and a mint sprig.