Cocktail: English Negroni

English Negroni

A classic cocktail, made with a Salcombe Gin twist!

Salcombe Gin Negroni Cocktail


25ml Salcombe Gin Start Point
25ml Knightor Rose Vermouth
25ml Rosehip Cup
10ml Grapefruit juice


1. Place all ingredients into a mixing jug, fill to the top with ice, and stir using a bar spoon.
2. Stir the drink for at least 30 seconds, until slightly diluted.
3. Fill an old-fashioned tumbler with ice and strain the mix into the glass.
4. Garnish with Grapefruit Peel*

*To garnish your Negroni, cut a thick, oval shaped piece of grapefruit peel and bend it back on itself over the glass whilst holding a match close to the skin. This will light the essential oils for a slightly smoky taste. Put out the match, rub the rim of the glass with the grapefruit skin, twist it and place it in the glass along with 2 small straws. For every additional Negroni you make at the same time, you need to stir the mix for twice as long.