This boozy Gin & Tonic Easter Egg is all we've ever wanted and more

Easter eggs are truly one of spring's greatest joys - who doesn't love chocolate? This year, however, there's a bit of extra gindulgence for adults... as a brand new Gin & Tonic Easter Egg has just been launched!

And this gourmet treat sounds absolutely delicious...

Gin Tonic Easter Egg Treat Kitchen

Image: The Treat Kitchen

The white chocolate eggs from Treat Kitchen are hand crafted, and get their beautifully boozy kick from the gin and lime tonic flavours that they are infused with.

According to the team behind this creation, they're 'beautiful to eat and beautiful to look at, the perfect Easter egg for any gin connoisseur.' And at £9.95, they won't totally break the bank!

For an extra sweet treat, Treat Kitchen are selling a slightly pricier version of the Easter egg that comes complete with a bag of Gin & Tonic hard boiled sweets. YUM!

Gin Tonic Easter Egg Pack Treat Kitchen

Image: The Treat Kitchen

You may be thinking, 'wait a minute, all this sounds familiar...'

Well, these aren't the first Gin and Tonic (or just plain boozy) Easter Eggs to be launched in the UK. In fact, Prestat came out with their prestigious version just last year, which you can buy this year for £15 on Ocado.

Hotel Chocolate, too, has a booze-infused Easter egg that goes for £27, and is filled with boozy chocolates containing rum, Champagne, Mojito flavours and more. You can get these directly from Hotel Chocolat's website.

Treat Kitchen are selling their Gin & Tonic Easter Eggs online

Will you be trying one this year? Which one sounds the best to you? Let us know on Facebook in our comments!