Could this become the world's strongest gin?

South African distiller Pienaar and Son is to launch an 80% ABV ‘Drought Edition’ gin. This is to reduce the amount of water used in the distillation process  - currently they use 200 liters to produce gin with a 43% ABV.

Master distiller, Andre Pienaar's rationalisation behind the idea, is that most people are drinking double gins in their G&T's, so with this new, stronger version you will only need a single shot - so the gin lasts longer too! 

It seemed so pointless. Over half a bottle spirit at 43% alcohol is water. It’s not adding any flavour, it’s just diluting the alcohol to a sipping strength, and I imagine only a tiny portion of gin drinkers are enjoying it neat.
— Andre Pienaar

South Africa, in particular; Cape Town has been in the news a lot, due to its water crisis so 'Day Zero' has been introduced to focus on water management. Day Zero will see taps in homes and businesses being turned off until the rains come, forcing residents to queue up for water rations at 200 collection points.


Although Pienaar and Son's new process may not make a huge difference to Cape Town's water crisis, they want to prove that no company are exempt from making a difference - no matter how big or small. 

Drought Edition will be available to buy online from 26th February - are you brave enough?!