Tyrrells Poshcorn is the sweetest seaside snack... just add gin!

Whether you’re curled up by the fire or having a wintry walk at the seaside, there’s one snack that will see you through: the delicious Tyrrells Sweet and Salty Poshcorn in February's Gin of the Month box! This snack is completely irresistible – especially when you add a ginny caramel sauce to make a classic boardwalk treat...

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Is there anything better than sweet and salty popcorn by the sea? As it turns out, there is – impeccably popped Poshcorn tossed in a gin-soaked caramel sauce.

This delicious seaside snack relies on the perfection of Tyrrells Poshcorn for its ‘wow’ factor. Lovingly made by popcorn connoisseurs, it’s easy to see why the kernels in this bag are the pinnacle of popcorn.

Tyrrells began as a small operation at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire in 2002, where the founders would – and still do to this day – hand-cook their delicious English potato crisps, using specially selected local potatoes and the finest ingredients to make their crisps with a signature curl and crunch.

But, after perfecting the hand-cooked crisp, the team at Tyrrells were looking for a new challenge. The answer? Popcorn. It was a revelation that led to Tyrrells Poshcorn, the premium popcorn in February's Gin of the Month box. It’s a different snack altogether, but some things – like the Tyrrells team’s commitment to quality – never change.

As Adam explains, “We make our Tyrrells Poshcorn here at Tyrrells Court Farm. This means we have a team of popcorn-making experts ensuring every pack is as delicious as the last! To make sure all our popcorn is crunchy and golden, we use only the best gold-standard corn. This makes the biggest and fluffiest pop.”

The Sweet & Salty flavour in February's Gin of the Month box is by far Poshcorn’s most popular flavour. Sweet enough to satisfy every craving, salty enough to keep you coming back for more, it’s a moreish treat you won’t be able to put down.

“It goes with everything,” says Adam. “It works as a snack to get you through the day, or that Friday night indulgent treat – and, of course, it goes perfectly with gin!”

That goes double when you toss it into a tasty gin caramel sauce, to make a sweet-salty-ginny treasure to pair with your next G&T...

Gin-tastic Caramel Popcorn

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Sweet, salty, and bursting with gin flavours - could a treat be any better? Get the recipe for this simple snack here.