10 things only you and your GFF (Gin Friend Forever!) will understand

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, GALentine’s Day or PALentine’s day - here at the Craft Gin Club we believe everyone should appreciate there loved one’s this Valentine’s day! There are good friends, there are best friends and then there are GIN friends. If you've got a Gin Friend Forever, then you'll definitely relate to these!

1. 'Let's go for pints' really means 'let's go for G&Ts'.

Going to the pub GIF

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Pubs that do weekly specials on gin hold an extra special place in your heart.

2. When you have plans to go to the gym, you know 9 times out of 10 that will end in a gin sesh instead.

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'Yoga class? I thought you said pour a glass!'

3. Loving the same gin is great, but loving different gins is even better!

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Bonding over a favourite gin is always nice, but when you both love different gins you don't have to fight over them which is even nicer.

4. Getting tagged in dozens of funny Facebook posts about gin is a daily occurrence.

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Everything is just so relatable!

5. The ratio of gin to tonic in your drinks is questionable, to say the least.

When your friend makes you a drink GIF

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Single? Double? More? You leave the measures up to each other.

6. Every holiday or birthday is an excuse to buy gin, gin-themed gear - or both!

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You both own more gin-related items than you care to count by now.

7. You know what 'I'm ready to go for a gin' looks like just from a glance.

Pulling bottle out of purse GIF


When Gin O'Clock strikes, you two are first in line to mix up a G&T!

8.  You know how to spot a 'gin-gin' situation when you see one.

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A gin club isn't just a great way for you to discover new gins - when you recommend your GFF to Craft Gin Club you both get £15 off your next box, too!

9.  When you've had a bad day, you know just the tonic...

Real friends offer gin

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So raise a glass to your GFF - they deserve it!

GFF’s don’t care if your house is neat, only that your gin is neat!

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No need to stand on ceremony for your GFF!

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