Cocktail: Wildflower Martini

Wildflower Martini

Created by Alessandro Palazzi, AKA 'The Godfather', of Dukes Bar at Dukes Hotel, for Sabatini Gin.

This is a spirit you can call a London Dry Gin – it’s perfect for Martinis and all of the classic cocktails.
— Alessandro Palazzi
Wildflower Martini Alessandro Palazzi

Image: James Cole Photo Works


110ml Sabatini Gin, straight from the freezer
15ml extra dry Vermouth
One or two drops of fennel flower infusion
Zest of lemon


  1. To make the perfect Martini, put your glass and your gin in the freezer at -27 degrees.

  2. When you’re ready to serve, pour the ingredients into your cold glass and squeeze the essential oil from the lemon peel over the surface of the drink.

  3. Slip the peel into the drink and enjoy.