Cocktail: Turbo G&T

Conker Cold Brew G&T

If your standard G&T isn't cutting it, this year the Internet gave gin lovers the world over a whole new way to get their favourite fixes: the turbo gin and tonic - 2017's hottest tipple!  Plus members who received September's Conker Gin box have everything they need to whip this up!

conker cold brew gin and toinic turbo g&t

Image: Conker Spirit


  1. Build your Turbo Conker Gin and Tonic in the usual way and then at the end add a 25ml measure of Conker Cold Brew. If you're clever, you can float the coffee of the top of the drink. Gulp lavishly.


25ml Conker Gin
25ml Conker Cold Brew
200ml Classic Indian Tonic