11 ways to add gin into your work day

Just because you can't drink gin at work, doesn't mean you can't incorporate it into your work day! Check out these items that will help you get your gin fix in the office (minus the booze)!

G&T Lip Balm

oliver bonas gin and tonic lip balm

With this lip balm not only will you be keeping your lips moisturised, you might even be able to taste the juniper! Buy it here.


Pen Pot

pen pot gin and tonic

Just a little reminder for you and anyone who comes to your desk. Buy it here.


Tote Bag


Another little motivational reminder to keep you going throughout the day. Buy it here.



gin purse

Keep all of your gin money inside this GINTASTIC purse. Buy it here.


Gin Necklace

gin necklace

A pretty and subtle way to let everyone you meet know what your favourite drink is. Buy it here.


Gin Pin

gin pin

Pin it to your lanyard, your top, your bag. Buy it here.


Hand Cream


Moisturising is important. Gin is important. So why not moisturise your hard working hands with juniper scented hand cream! Buy it here.


G&T Tea

gin tea

Can't drink gin in the office - or at least without getting frowned upon, or fired unless it's an Office Party (or you work at Craft Gin Club)  - then these botanical tea bags might help you through the day. Buy it here.




To drink your G&Tea in, duh! Buy it here.


G&T Sweets

gin sweets

If you need a little pick me up in the form of a sweet treat, look no further than these G&T sweets! Buy it here.


Water Bottle

gin water bottle

Staying hydrated is very important. This bottle comes with a case which has a gin motif on the front and detachable strap. Fill it with water (or gin...). Buy it here.