10 reasons every gin lover should join Craft Gin Club

Being a Craft Gin Club Member is a wonderful thing. But if you need some con-GIN-cing, here's the top 10 reasons as to why being a member of the Craft Gin Club is one of the best things you'll ever do!

1. You LOVE gin.


If you don't like gin, then you've probably clicked on this by accident. UNLESS you know someone who loves gin and you'd like to get this as a gift! But if you love gin, we're the club for you! We'll deliver as often as once a month craft gins that might be specially imported or even one-of-a-kind Craft Gin Club editions!

2. Gin delivery day is like Christmas Day! 

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That giddy anticipation you feel on Christmas Eve waiting for the next day's gifts? It's exactly the same feeling our members get! As each month's box contents are kept top secret until delivery day, you won't be able to wait to tear open your parcel and see what goodies lie inside.

3. Different frequencies and flexible options to suit your ginny needs!


Whether you've accumulated too much gin, are getting FOMOG (fear of missing out on gins), are feeling a squeeze one month or fancy getting an extra box - our customer service team will be more than happy to amend your membership. Upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel at any time! 

4. Get GIN-spired and make some boozy bakes and awesome cocktails.

Premium tonics and special mixers in each box make it easy to experience new, tasty cocktails. And with a wide array of recipes at hand in each month's magazine, you'll be mastering mixology very quickly! Plus - there's food recipes to enjoy, meaning you can have your gin AND eat it, too.

5. Prizes prizes prizes! You'll be able to enter all of our Members-Only competitions.


Aside from the box contents, being a member has its perks. You'll get the chance to win prizes by entering our #Ginstagram competition crossword competitions and may even discover a Golden Ticket inside your box - March’s lucky Golden Ticket winner will receive a whopping £1000 voucher to spend at SofaSofa!  There's tonnes of GIN-credible prizes to be won - including free gin, of course!

6. Standard-sized bottles means you'll be able to share all of the ginny fun with all of your friends and family! 

Gin is always better enjoyed together, so a standard-sized bottle is a must! You'll be able to enjoy more than a few gin-soaked weekends with your Gin of the Month - and you'll turn all of your friends into craft gin loving fans while you do. AND if you do, you can get them £10 off their first box and £10 off your next box using the code GINPALS15

7. You'll sometimes get members-only special edition or UK exclusive gins!

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Whether it’s a special batch produced exclusively for our members or a brand new import to the UK, our members taste gins nearly impossible to find elsewhere - and certainly not in the supermarket! 

8. Boost your gintelligence and learn all about the Gin of the Month with Ginned! magazine.

With every surprise gin box comes GINNED! Magazine which includes all the info you need on each gin you receive, bespoke cocktail recipes from the distillers, tasting notes, and lots of exclusive feature articles with fun facts you can share with your friends and family as you drink your Gin of the Month.

9. Discover new exciting tonics, mixers and snacks! 

You don't JUST get great gins! In every Gin of the Month box, members also get a selection of special goodies to complement the gin, from artisan chocolate, to treats from where the gin is made to high quality mixers and cocktail ingredients.

10. No extra shipping costs.

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All of your gin box deliveries come with a tracked 48hr service from the Royal Mail for no secret nasty additional cost. We’ll alert you when your parcel is on your way. Warning: the ginticipation may kill you! Well, maybe not - but it will make you very thirsty and excitable!

Go on, you know you want to!

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