Gin and Tonic perfume is a real thing that exists and we need it now

Can't wait until gin o'clock for a taste of your beloved G&T? Well, good news - gin and tonic perfume was made for you!

Gin and Tonic Cologne Art de Parfum perfume

Image: Art de Parfum

This new fragrance, from brand Art de Parfum, is no mere gimmick. It's made with quality essential oils and is completely cruelty-, GMO- and colourant-free.

The unisex cologne combines our favourite parts of a gin and tonic: from notes of zesty grapefruit and discernible juniper, to undertones of cool cucumber and piquant cardamom.

It's like you spilled a gin all over yourself! Without that drenched-and-soaked-in-alcohol-smell, of course.

But quality - and undeniably one of the season's hottest trends - doesn't come cheap. The perfume retails for a whopping £114 per 50ml bottle!

We might stick to the 'spilling gin on ourselves' method until payday...