Gin and Cats...Two of our Favourite Things in One Place

We like to think we are on the same page as our lovely members and by the looks of the following pictures we can safely say we are! Gin and cats, cats and gin, whichever way you say it, it just works! So in honour of International Cat Day (8th August) we thought we'd share some of our favourite images of you and your furry friends...and gin...of course!. You're welcome...

Get your paws off my Salcombe! 


Hold the milk...pass the Sabatini.


This kitty's purrrrrr-efrence is Manchester Gin! 


Some furry extras in this Gin of the Month box! 


This pretty one eyeing up the Warner Edwards

This tabby fancies a bit of the Occitan gin...good choice.

The perfect duo to guard the Kongsgaard gin

Someone's had one Marylebone too many...


Our boxes are always a huge hit with your feline friends! 

We don't know what is more beautiful: the kitty cat or the Occitan?! 

Looking after this month's gin of the month , the puuuuurfect Kyro Napue Gin from Finland. 

Eyeballing the Kongsgaard

The Warner Edwards and the GIN-ger.


Having a little flick through Ginned!

The Marylebone gin getting photobombed! 

A new (furry) addition to the gin collection!