8 celebrity gin fans - #4 will raise a few eyebrows!

If you love gin, you're in good company as these famous names are also pretty fond of the spirit. 

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth Drinking Gin

Image: Vinumvine

Her Majesty's tipple of choice is a gin & dubonnet. But of course, what else would one drink? 

JK Rowling


Image: celebritynetworth.com

She could have said her favourite drink was 'butter beer' from her wizarding world of Harry Potter, but it isn't. She enjoys a classic gin and tonic! 

Kirsty Allsop

Kirsty Allsop gin drinker

Image: Kirstyallsop.co.uk

Everyone's favourite property presenter also loves gin just as much as you, as she's a member of Craft Gin Club, too!

John Travolta

john travolta

Image: IMDb

Even Hollywood royalty love a bit of gin. John Travolta enjoys a gin martini from time to time. Stirred, not shaken, as it should be Mr Bond. 

Philip Larkin

phillip larkin poet gin

Image: Philiplarkin.com

The famous poet declared that ‘life is very narrow without glasses OF GIN AND TONIC' in book Letters to Monica. Couldn't have put it better ourselves, Philip.



Image: Us Magazine

Well, we've had the HRH and now the queen of pop herself! It's no wonder fitness obsessed Madge's drink of choice is a G&T, what with the tiny amount of calories.

 F. Scott Fitzgerald

scott F Fitzgerald

Image: Mental Floss

He made no secret of his love affair with drinking, once saying, "First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you." It was the gin rickey that took F. Scott Fitzgerald and was forever immortalized in The Great Gatsby.

Ginger Rogers


Image: Liquor.com

The singer/dancer/actress may have done everything Fred Astaire did—in heels and backwards— but there’s no drink named for him, is there? Put your heels on and get the recipe for a Ginger Rogers here.