8 GIN-credible places to have a G&T

We've all got our favourite local gin joint, but they may not stand up to these GIN-credible bars from around the world! If you weren't planning on going on a gin-themed trip around the world, this list may stir up your thirst for travel (and gin, too!).  

1. Dandelyan, London

Dandelyan Bar London

There's a reason this bar has just won Winner of World's Best Cocktail Bar, International Bar Team, Hotel Bar at Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards... you have to visit to know what we're talking about. 

2.  The Bar At Vernadsky Research Base, Antarctica

The Bar At Vernadsky Research Base, Antarctica

Once a British expeditionary base, in the 1970s some carpenters at this station in Galindez Island re-purposed a shipment of wood meant for a new pier and built the small Vernasky Station Lounge Bar. Sold to Ukraine years later for just £1, drinks run cheap - or even free for any woman willing to donate her undergarments to be displayed inside the bar.

3. Rick's Cafe, Jamacia


A great place to watch cliff divers and the sunset. Just be careful if you decide to jump, it's very dangerous.

4. Bobby Gin, Barcelona


One person’s trash is another’s treasure—or, in the case of Bobby Gin in Barcelona, the essential design ingredient. Local design firm Normal recycled old doors and cabinet drawers to line the bar and provide wall-mounted tables in this gin bar. Perhaps the most charming part of the interior is the empty picture frames mounted on the ceiling.

5. Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania.


Yep, the interior is made out of all kinds of bicycle parts.

6.  The Water and Wind Bar, Binh Duong, Vietnam


Walk across stepping stones to get to this bar that’s set in the center of a lake in Binh Duong Province. So make sure you take extra care when you're leaving after a few drinks!

7.  The Ice Bar, Quebec City, Canada


This ice-sculpted bar melts each summer and is completely rebuilt every year. Very GIN-pressive! From January to March you can enjoy chilled cocktails, but make sure you bring your warmest coat.

8.  Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico


The 18,000 year old geological formation is the backdrop for your drinks and dinner. It's the largest cave bar in the world. Don't get lost in there!