This Gin Trolley is for the discerning gin drinker...and is PIMP

Gone are the days of the odd drinks cabinets lurking in the corner. Enter Quench...the first company in the UK to produce contemporary cocktail bars for the home. 

Jonathan Green, founder and designer of Quench home bars

The inspiration behind Quench came when owner Jonathan Green designed a bar for his home after failing to find a contemporary home bar back in 1991. "The project became a labour of love,” he says, “but started more out of necessity, as finding a well-constructed home bar was virtually impossible." 

As more and more Brits start entertaining at home, Quench has expanded its product range to cater for the modest host to the party planner extraordinaire alike. 

Quench’s latest offering is the Gin Trolley. Don Draper himself would be in awe of this beauty, designed to provide not just a beautiful piece of storage, but a practical piece of furniture that’s a pleasure to own.

Quench Gin Trolley image with various gins and martini glass

Featuring a walnut garnish board, polished stainless-steel drip tray and mini fridge to keep a selection of mixers perfectly chilled, it’s the perfect place to whip up a cocktail.

And lucky Craft Gin Club Member Mark is now the proud owner of the Quench Cocktail Collection after finding this month's Golden Ticket!

As Jonathan explains, “We did a lot of research on the equipment and spoke to some top mixologists to really get a handle on what works best and what the technical fundamentals are for making a first-class cocktail. Soon customers were taking part in demonstrations at the showroom and asking where they could buy the set to go with their home bars, so the Quench Cocktail Collection was born."

Quench Home Bars Gin Trolley

And what do you make with the perfect cocktail set? The perfect cocktail, of course! Here are Jonathan's top tips to turn you into a first-class mixologist!

Martini with a twist of lemon
  • For stirred cocktails allow 3-4 ice cubes per drink and stir for approximately 40 seconds. You want a little dilution without breaking the ice up. The objective is not only to mix your drink but to chill the ingredients down.
  • As a general rule, you want to shake a drink when adding non-alcoholic ingredients such as milk, cream, egg white or citrus juice. Unlike stirring, when shaking a cocktail the required action is a quick, rapid motion. 
  • If a cocktail calls for a ‘twist’, squeeze the zest over the drink to release the oils in the skin before adding as garnish.
  • Always use fresh citrus fruit with a firm skin. To create the spiralled shape, wrap the zest around a straw and gently press. Release and carefully pull apart to the required length.
  • Though it may seem counter-intuitive, place the citrus half cut side down in the juicer. This will allow for maximum extraction and let the juice run freely through the holes on the bottom.