The Sekforde Serve

What started as a project to give whiskey and rum drinkers a more elegant offering of mixers has transformed the world of gin, as well. Meet Sekforde and their quinine-free mixer, perfectly calibrated to make your favourite gin shine.

For Talula White, there was one thing standing between her and a love for gin: the taste of quinine, which for her palate was unbearably bitter. So, when she and her husband started up Sekforde – initially to create sophisticated mixers for dark spirits drinkers, which for so long had been confined to a splash of sugary Coca-Cola or overwhelming ginger beer – they wanted to make a gin mixer that even quinine loathers would love.

Sekforde and Kyro Napue Gin Gin and Tonic with orange and dill

Their hard work has paid off. The Sekforde Gin Mixer in your August Gin of the Month box is a hugely versatile mixer quite unlike anything gin lovers have tried before. With scents of sage and raspberry, it’s an elegant answer to G&T fatigue.
As Talula explains, “We were careful to keep the flavours linked up with one another, as well as the spirit – we wanted the mixer to be a subtle and well-balanced drink on its own as well.”

The development process was painstaking. Talula says, “A very common secondary botanical in gins is orris root, which is mainly used as a flavour binding but actually has a raspberry-like flavour. This gave us the idea to try raspberry as a leading flavour in the mixer, and something about that slightly tart sweetness does seem to work really well with juniper.”

Napue’s Perfect Sekforde Serve

A twist of pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Sekforde gin mixer with Napue Gin and Orange and Dill Garnish