Different drinking translations from around the world

Here in the UK we have a LOT of bizarre sayings and slang words, especially about drinking activities! Hair of the dog. Drink like a fish. Legless. Three sheets to the wind - we've all heard and used them, but you might not know these ones from around the world...


Finland flag drinking in pants kalsarikannit gin and tonic emoji


What it translates as: The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.

We now have a word to describe what we'll be doing this weekend. And of course we'll be drinking the award-winning Finnish Napue Gin, as featured in August's box, what else? 



Germany katzenjammer nur ein schwein trinkt allein funny saying drinking hangover cat pig gin and tonic


Translation: Cat's wail/misery.

Used to describe a hangover due to the person's groans of discomfort sounding similar to that of a wailing unhappy cat!

Nur ein Schwein trinkt allein

Translation: Only pigs drink alone

Suggesting that if you're drinking alone, you might be an alcoholic. Good friends don't let friends drink alone! 



Venezuela tengo un raton en la cabeza rat in my head headache hangover gin and tonic

Tengo un ratón en la cabeza

Translation: I have a rat in my head. Used to describe a thumping headache from an awful hangover. 

I mean we definitely haven't had a rat in our head. Ever........................




Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret 

Translation: Bottoms up or the rest in your hair. 

We think more toasts need to be in the form of a fun threat. 


Ancient Greece

ancient greece athens acropolis party emojis dancing music food gin and tonic drinking


Translation: A drinking party. In particular one that follows after a banquet where there is lots of music, singing and dancing! 

It comes from the Ancient Greek word of sympinein meaning to drink together. However, today it is used to describe a meeting of experts or published articles on a subject. Well, we know which context we prefer!