20 amazing gin collections you won't believe actually exist

If you're a fan of gin, you're sure to have at least a few beautiful bottles on display somewhere in your home - but some gin lovers simply take things to the next level! We asked you to show us your gin collections... and here are the 20 most GINtastic ones we saw!

1. These four shelves of fab:

Image: Chris Bush/Facebook

2. When you have so much gin you have to double-stack the shelves:

Image: Steve Vickery/Facebook

3. This cosy collection:

Image: Kirstin Milne/Facebook

4. This amazing asymmetrical display:

Image: Helen Louise Dummett/Facebook

5. This assortment of three hundred bottles:

Image: Hamish Lamb/Facebook

6. This Adnams enthusiast:

Image: Juliane Gregg/Facebook

7. These beautiful bottles just out of reach:

Image: Graham Mcmanus/Facebook

8. These jam-packed cupboards:

Image: Simon Hickey/Facebook

9. These sturdy shelves full of 'spirit':

Image: Steve Wheeler/Facebook

10. This secret stash:

Image: Carleigh Grogan

11. This at-home gin bar:

Image: Matt Chapman/Facebook

12. This impressive display

Image: Becky Wilson/Facebook

13. This ultimate G&T unit:

Image: Callum Taylor/Facebook

14. This entire SHACK built to house gin:

Image: Sarah Sanderson/Facebook

15. This gin-pressive kitchen:

Image: Andy Reeves/Facebook

16. This green-glowing collection:

Image: Martin Harrison/Facebook

17. This blue-lit room:

Image: Barry Alldis/Facebook

18. This corner of ginny joy:

Image: Dawny Louise/Facebook

19. This bursting bar:

Image: Robert Leggett/Facebook

20. This UNBELIEVABLE collection: