Sun, snacks and G&T's: cricket as it should be!

On long Sunday afternoons, nothing beats a trip down to the village green – where the locals gather to watch a bit of cricket, sip a cold beverage (maybe even a gin!) and while away a lazy day. And wherever you find a group of happy people having fun, you’re likely to spot a packet of Pipers Crisps.

Find out how Pipers Crisps is bringing people together across the UK.

From the village pub to the cricket green, you can find Pipers Crisps wherever people gather to have a good time. In fact, founder Alex Albone works hard to source the ingredients for his crisps from the best small producers – and in doing so, has formed a network of new and old friends alike committed to making amazing flavours. 

England Cricket Match scoring innings

The Pipers Salt and Vinegar crisps in your July Gin of the Month box are no exception. As Alex explains, “While salt and vinegar is one of the most quintessentially British flavours you can get, we’re especially proud of ours. As well as using quality sea salt, our cider vinegar comes from Julian Temperley’s Burrow Hill Farm in Somerset, where cider has been made for over 150 years.”

Julian is not only the purveyor of fine apple cider vinegar – or, as the attendees of Glastonbury know him, the publican serving cider out of a double decker bus – but also an integral part of the community of local farmers and artisan producers that make Pipers possible. 
Alex says, “Anyone at all interested should go and visit Julian’s orchard. He has a farm shop there, where he sells everything that he makes. It’s like stepping into a different world when you go and see what he’s selling.” 

Pipers founders on tractor in orchard

Alex gets to know all of his suppliers this well, because he works closely with them to make the best crisps possible. As he explains, “They’re a little community of people who like to do things right – and we’re looking to support other kinds of communities, too. That’s why Pipers is sponsoring the Watsons Village Cricket Cup, where 300 amateur teams across the country vie to be crowned the ‘Best Village Cricket Team’.” The finals are held at Lords, just down the road from Marylebone Gin’s stomping grounds.

Alex explains, “Cricket almost epitomises the pace of an England that we think we remember from long ago – a world of bunting and Penguin books. The pace of cricket is like the pace of what we do at Pipers. Whether you’re watching or playing cricket, you do it in a relaxed atmosphere. Parallel to that is how we do things, like they’re meant to be done, making crisps that taste as they should taste.”

Pipers Deckchair relaxing

Equally at home at your local pub or at a cricket tea, the Pipers Crisps in your July Gin of the Month box are a perfect edition to any summer occasion – especially when shared with friends!

P.S. Like the look of the Pipers deckchair? Look out for one of the 100 winning cards inside promotional packs to win one! More details and T&C's here.