Need to go booze-free? Have no fear – non-alcoholic gin is here!

There are a lot of reasons why you might give up gin: for your health, for charity...

But now - no matter why or for how long you dedicate yourself to being booze-free - you will never have to give up gin again; all thanks to Danish gin brand, Herbie.

Herbie Virgin Alcohol Free Gin with Fevertree Tonic

Said to be the 'world's first' non-alcoholic gin, Herbie's new 'Herbie Virgin' is made just like the company's regular gin - minus the booze.

Made with botanicals like Danish apples, juniper, lavender and orange peel, Herbie Virgin has similarities to the company's best-selling Herbie Gin. But with an ABV of 0.0%, it makes an excellent alternative for those who are looking to cut down their drinking.

It's hailed as a revelation for designated drivers, pregnant women and anyone else who would normally have to give up drinking their favourite juniper-based spirit.

"It has been very interesting to develop a product with the taste of gin, but without the alcohol." says Anders Bilgram, the CEO of Herbie, who co-created the spirit together with Danish rum producer Anders Skotlander. 'We believe there is a big market for alcohol free alternatives for people who doesn't drink or just want to drink less alcohol.'

We can't say we'll go alcohol-free all the time... but not having to give up gin ever again? It's a win in our book!