Meet Franklin & Sons' perfect Sicilian Summer Serve

When the sun is shining on the green, rolling hills of the UK, it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine you’re laying by the Sicilian sea. Let Franklin & Sons take you there – whatever the weather – with their Sicilian Lemon Tonic.

Franklin and Sons perfect Sicilian Summer serve gin and tonic

If there’s one brand that knows how to put together an amazing new flavour combination, it’s Franklin & Sons – after all, they’ve been doing it since 1886!

Founded out of the family sweet shop in Victorian London, Franklin & Sons has spent the last 150 years perfecting their range of mixers and soft drinks. From traditional flavours like dandelion and burdock or hand-crafted ginger beer to more innovative mixers like the Sicilian Lemon Tonic in your June Gin of the Month box, this family business’s beverages taste as good as they look.

To make the carefully-crafted Sicilian Lemon Tonic in the June Gin of the Month box, the Franklin & Sons team sourced the world’s best lemons from the fertile, volcanic soil of Italy’s most iconic island. Pressed whole, the lemons release wonderfully aromatic essential oils along with the sharp, summery zing of their juice.

The pressed lemon essence is combined with the finest Staffordshire spring water and Ecuadorian cinchona tree bark to produce the vibrant, subtly bitter tonic in your June Gin of the Month box. Here are two very different ways to enjoy this amazing mixer all summer long.

The Perfect Summer Serve

50ml premium craft gin
150ml Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic
Lots of ice
Mint, to garnish

Fill a copa glass with lots of ice and a sprig of mint. Add 50ml of premium gin and 150ml of Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic water. Stir gently, and enjoy in the sunshine.