11 memes about gin that will seriously crack you up

LOL! Haha! So it's International Joke Day, and in the spirit of this silly Saturday, we've rounded up some of the most side-splitting gin jokes out there. Have a scroll and enjoy!

1. This Star Wars-inspired quip:

Image:  Quick Meme

Image: Quick Meme

2. This national treasure:

Image:  Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

3. This crack at Southerners:

Image:  Funny And

Image: Funny And

4. This double-edged sword:

Image:  Blogspot

Image: Blogspot

5. This excellent e-card:

gin and tonic thursday at work meme ecards

6. This common craft gin lover's dilemma:

Image:  Silvermayne

7. These words of caution:

Image:  MemeGenerator

9. This dream scenario:

Image:  MemeGenerator

10. This scary reality:

Image:  MemeGenerator

11. And this excellent summation of 'Gin Pals':

Image:  MemeGenerator