These gin-inspired tattoos are unbelievable!

Our love affair with gin is real, however there are some that take their admiration of the spirit to another level. Gin enthusiasts are inking what they are drinking with gin inspired tattoos. Here are some of the best we've found...

I 'heart' gin

Gin love heart bottle tattoo

We've seen a lot of heart-shaped, 'Mum' and 'Dad' tattoos but not gin?! However we whole'HEARTEDLY' agree. 

It's all about the botanicals

We all know the botanicals are an integral part of the gin making process. We hope this person doesn't change his/her mind about their favourites! 


Gin tattoo trinkfest sein hold ones drink gin and tonic

'Trinkfest sein' is German for 'to be able to hold ones drink' so this person is obviously a professional...or not...depends which way you look at it!

Free Pour

This person's favourite brand...he's obviously not tried any craft gin...

Drink more gin

The message here is clear and we are on board.

A minature

gin straw tattoo

No space left on your body for a full 70cl bottle of gin? Surely there is space for a minature...maybe on your ankle?


Gin Tattoo

'Ta, ta for now' is an expression that came to prominence, in the UK, during the Second World War. There is a story behind this tattoo...surely no one can say TTFN to gin!

Heart full of gin

Gin heart tattoo with lemon

Another dedicated gin-fan wearing not only his heart on his sleeve (or leg?) but also his ginny-obsession! 


For someone who is always on the look out for some ginspiration, this person has it wherever they go! 

A barrel of gin

Barrel of gin and flowers tattoo

Why have a bottle when you can have a barrel? 

Right, we are all off to the tattooists...