Honeycomb: the bee-friendly treat!

For the best bee-friendly treat in the land, look no further than the Mighty Fine Dark Chocolate Honeycomb bar in your June Gin of the Month box. This scrumptious snack is made using sustainably-sourced honey – plus, five per cent of Mighty Fine’s profits go towards protecting our favourite flying insects.

Meet the men behind the honeycomb here.

Mighty Fine Honeycomb bar June Gin Inventors

When Kit Tomlinson and Ross Newton met as runners on a food TV show, they immediately started trading crazy business ideas. They shared an undeniable entrepreneurial streak that took them in strange directions – including London’s iconic Camden Market, where the friends opened a candy shop that traded in amazing confectionary and incredible experiences. 

As Kit explains, “We sold cool stuff like bacon dipped in chocolate, the weird and wonderful heights of confectionary, but we would also make chocolate live in the shop and pour out fudge into long racks. It was an experience as much as a store.” 

The shop was a smash, but Kit and Ross noticed something strange: they were having serious trouble keeping their homemade honeycomb in stock. 

Dark chocolate honeycomb

“We would make it every evening,” Kit says, “and be sold out by noon every day. Time and again people told us how they’d never tasted anything like it.” 
Kit and Ross decided the shut the shop down and focus on making the world’s best honeycomb. They spent 1,000 hours perfecting their unique recipe. And they had a secret weapon: real honey.

“Most people don’t use honey in honeycomb,” he explains, “because it’s expensive and it can burn easily. But for us, putting great ingredients into our honeycomb has always been important, and using honey means ours has a really distinct flavour.” 
Mighty Fine also produces their honeycomb in the traditional way: boiling it in beautiful copper pots before pouring it out onto trays and cutting it. All the work is done by hand. 

Kit says, “It’s a really lovely process, and with so many things on our shelves made entirely by machines, there’s real beauty in something that can be created by hand.” 

Bees on honeycomb bee keeping

Through hours of trial and error, Kit and Ross have perfected the process of honeycomb creation. The resulting bars are light and crisp, with a uniquely satisfying crunch. 

Not only do these brilliant bars taste amazing, but they’re good for the world as well. Mighty Fine works closely with its chocolate provider, so the luscious dark chocolate that coats this amazing honeycomb is sourced responsibly. And Kit and Ross are also doing their part to protect bees, donating five per cent of their profits to the British Beekeeper Association.   
“Bees are such a fundamental part of our ecosystem,” Kit says. “The way countries all over the world are developing means there’s less space for bees to exist.” 

Soon, Mighty Fine will be bringing their amazing honeycomb – and equally amazing commitment to helping honeybees survive and thrive in the UK – to a much larger audience. Their pouches of delicious honeycomb will be available in Waitrose stores up and down the country.

Mighty fine honeycomb bar dark chocolate

“It’s an exciting new listing for us,” Kit says. “They share a lot of our values: using British where possible, great ingredients and doing some good in the world – without sounding too worthy!”

But Mighty Fine is worthy, indeed – and one bite of your Dark Chocolate Honeycomb bar will send you to your nearest shop to stock up! 

Head to www.mightyfine.co to find a stockist near you!