Got hay fever? Drinking GIN might just help!

There's no denying that the pollen levels are out of control this time of the year, and for many of us that means hay fever rears its ugly head again. So if you're tired of itchy, watery eyes and uncontrollable sneezing, there might be a simple solution to ease your allergy troubles: reaching for the gin!

Gin and Tonic slice of lime and sprig of rosemary

We've always heard that alcohol makes asthma and hay fever worse, so how can this be? Well, according to a new study done by Asthma UK, not all alcohol is the same when it comes to irritating your allergies. Darker, fermented drinks like beer and red wine are high in histamines and sulphites, two chemicals that can make your hay fever unbearable. But, lucky for us gin lovers, the science has shown that switching to gin can help!

Clear spirits, like vodka and gin especially, most often don't have these same chemicals that give wine and beer their allergy-provoking properties.

Now, this doesn't mean that it's a miracle cure for hay fever (unfortunately) it does mean that you can indulge in some summertime drinking without suffering too much from those seasonal struggles.

Of course if you still can't survive without that glass of rosé, you can try to find a low-sulphite option to keep your allergies from getting out of control. But if your a gin lover just like us, you'll happily reach for those ice cold G&Ts all summer long!