June's Gin of the Month box has arrived! What's inside?

We're kicking off the gin fun early this month - June's Gin of the Month box is here! Members have stocked up on lemon and sage, ready to mix up the perfect serve as soon as their bottle arrives. So what is this fabulous gin they'll be enjoying? And what other tasty treats are tucked away in this month's delivery? If you can't wait to find out, keep scrolling and you'll see....

Warner Edwards

Honeybee Gin

Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin

This month’s gin is sure to bee-witch you.

Warner Edwards

Harrington Elderflower Gin 50ml

Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin Minature

The perfect floral flavour to mix into your tipples.

Franklin and Sons

Sicilian Lemon Tonic

Franklin and sons limited sicilian lemon tonic water

A taste of Italian summer, all bottled up.

Mighty Fine

Dark Chocolate and Honeycomb Bar

The Mighty Fine Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Bar

The perfect confectionery companion to this month’s gin.

Burt's Chips

Firecracker Lobster

Burts British Hand Cooked Chips Pink Firecracker Lobster Flavour Crisps

A spicy snack you’ll love biting into.

Honeybee Seed Pack

Honey infusion and botanicals honeybee gin seeds from warner edwards

Plant your own bee sanctuary with the contents of this pouch.