17 hilarious tweets for people who love gin

"I'm currently standing front of the bar where I got the nickname "the gin and tonic guy" and I must go".

1. This helpful tip.

2. We've all been here:

3. When you can't wait for your holiday to start.

4. After a long day at work:

5. One gin, two gin, three gin...

6. These equally admirable achievements.

7. Predictive text knows all.

8. No one needs this kind of negativity in their life, tbf.

9. The only appropriate responses to this question:

10. When you need a partner that's low maintenance.

11. "I only drink gin on days that end in 'Y'"

12. Assessing your parenting skills:

13. Some days you just don't mess around.

14. Once you go craft gin, you can't go back.

15. No, a garnish does not count as one of your 5 A Day.

16. Three words: Craft. Gin. Club.