6 reasons to buy dad gin on Father's Day

With Father's Day just around the corner it's time to start thinking about what to get for that special guy in your life. Want the simple answer? Gin. Here are six reasons to give the gift of gin this Father's Day: 

1. It tastes amazing and you can make him proud all at the same time

If you are reading this you already know a G&T tastes amazing so giving the gift of gin shows how much you love your dad! However, you could also wow him by proving you did listen in science therefore you can explain to him WHY it tastes so good. Are you ready for the science bit? It’s because of the compounds in both gin and tonic, and the way they react when they are combined.

Gin tastes even better with tonic because the flavour molecules from the quinine in the tonic water and the juniper berries in the gin combine to create a completely different and unique flavour - your welcome! 

2. It shows you care about his health

While any type of alcohol in great quantities will always be bad for you (sorry) there's evidence of some health benefits of gin.

Firstly, it contains less calories than wine or beer. Gin and tonic also appears to have some anti-malarial properties, with the quinine in tonic creating a level of plasma in the blood that could fight off the parasite.

3. Because he's got enough pairs of socks

Socks are great but gin is better. Fact.

4. There are so many different ways to drink gin

Whether dad is a sweet tooth, savory or prefers something a little unusual, there will be a gin out there for everyone! OR sign him up to the Craft Gin Club for a surprise bottle each month! #sorrynotsorry

5. He can use garnishes from the garden

Lots of dads are keen gardeners and love to talk about what they have planted or picked in the garden. There are a whole host of gin garnishes found in the garden - mint, rosemary, sage, cucumber, the list is endless! Give the gift of gin and get him out in the garden! 

6. Bring out his inner Sinatra!

While Jack Daniels was Frank Sinatra's poison he also reportedly loved a martini! Stick on some "Ol' Blue Eyes" and sip the perfect martini with dad for a classic Fathers day!

7. Show him you think he's classy

Gin is a classy drink. Show dad he is your hero, kind of like Bond (James Bond) with the gift of the ever so classy gin!