5 ways you'll waste yet another bank holiday

Bank holiday is upon us and while it's nice to have a clear, three days to do with what you wish, there is always the danger of falling into the bank holiday black hole! Here are a list of the top 5 ways in which we waste long weekends and how to avoid them!


1. Box set binge

"Just one more episode and I will turn it off..." we have all been there, whether it's Sex and the City, seasons 1-6 or an Orange is the New Black marathon on Netflix, one episode rolls into the next and before you know it, you haven't seen daylight for 72 hours and you have started to become part of the sofa. 

Banish the binge - If you really want to catch up with Carrie and crew why not make a day of it - invite the BFF's round, each dressed as their favourite character and sip gin Cosmopolitans (just swap the vodka for gin - its soooo good) while soaking in the Manhattan skyline.

2. The social media black hole

In this digital era, whenever we have a few idle minutes to spare it is easy to scroll through Instagram or do a little harmless Facebook stalking here and there.

The problem with bank holiday is that we have more time on our hands so what starts with a casual morning tea scroll to see what your friends are up to will then lead to a photo of your ex which will then lead to a video of a monkey doing a magic trick, to a Pinterest board all about how to lose 20lbs in 24 hours, to a celebrity falling out of a taxi and so on and so on.

Three hours later you haven't showered but you do know how to lose 20lbs in 24 hours.

Facebook wall post featuring pink roses in a vase on an al fresco table in the garden with occitan gin bordiga vermouth with limes and a good book

Dont get sucked in - Use your social media channels to document THE best bank holiday ever! Get out in the sun and channel your inner David Bailey by taking arty snaps of your friends, Pinterest-worthy pictures of amazing pub grub at the local or crack open your gin box and get involved in #Ginstagram for a chance to win one of our lovely prizes! Then share it all on social media (you never know maybe your ex might see and realise how great your life is without them) 

3. Making plans

This might seem a weird one for how you could 'waste' the weekend but, honestly, the actual procedure of making plans can eat into precious time.

You are so excited about the long weekend you start to text everyone you know to make plans for brunch and then maybe a game of rounders in the park and then onto that new bar that has just opened and book a table at the swanky restaurant in town and then try and get on the guest list for the club and then you could do some stuff the next day too because we all don't have to go to work on Monday!

People start to come back to you with 'I'll check the diary and let you know" or " can we make sure brunch is at a vegan place please" or "who's going to drive?" or "I might be able to come but maybe later because I have dry cleaning, blah, blah, blah" and all of a sudden it is Tuesday morning and you are sat at your desk a bit confused.

Occitan gin and tonic over ice in a highball glass with slices of lime and mint sprigs on an outdoor table with foliage in background

Keep it simple - Invite a friend around for a few G&T's in the garden, post an image of the pair of you on Instagram with the message "Anyone at a loose end and fancy joining us, you are more than welcome!" then sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing - or not - either way, you are in good company with your favourite tipple!

4. Dinner parties

Organising a dinner party is all well and good but the idea is sometimes a lot more fun than the reality if you are the host. We are not all Jamie Oliver who can whip up a feast in 30 minutes around his huge kitchen table, in his huge house while Cold Play serenade his guests.

In reality you will spend all day prepping, cleaning the house, creating casual but really complex table decorations and then when everyone is sat around the table having fun,  you are in the kitchen slaving away and spend the whole evening resenting your guests and cursing yourself for this terrible idea...

Image:  Its all of it

Be the hostess with the most-ess - Sit back, grab a G&T, be social and order in.

5. Napping

It's always nice to catch up on a bit of sleep, especially when you work long hours in the week, but daytime napping can be lethal! "I'll just take 30 minutes and I'll wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go..." You close your eyes and then when you open them again, it is 8.45pm, the day has gone and your left feeling cheated and disorientated.

Sweet cute napping cat in the garden sunbathing

Don't snooze and lose - Give yourself a nice long lie in in the morning, we're talking 10, maybe 10.30am, slowly start your day with breakfast in bed, a nice long shower and by lunchtime you will feel refreshed, energised and ready to mix a couple of cocktails to celebrate the long weekend!